• 2,462

    Equine Product Review

    This group is for horse owners to tell others about great horse products!
    led by Lori Walker

  • 2,657

    Obstacle Challenges

    This group is for information on all Obstacle Challenges going on all over the US.
    led by Lori Walker

  • 2,412

    FREE or Horses Under $350

    This arena is for horses who need a new home that are fosters, rescues or at a shelter. Please do not post anything other than horses under $350.
    led by Lori Walker

  • 2,736

    Horse Health Forum

    If you have any health issue with your horse, you can share and get ideas and information from other horse owners on what to do or what it may be.

    Always call a VET for serious conditions.
    led by Lori Walker

  • 3,319

    Horse Rescue Council of AL

    Horse Rescue Council of Alabama is a non-profit organization formed to help horses that are neglected or abused. We help and educate the equine community, along with creating a place for information on how to report abuse and listings of rescues and foster homes.
    led by Lori Walker

  • 2,344

    Southern Horse Talk

    Southern Horse Talk, founded by Becca Salamone, is all about sharing and promoting the equine lifestyle in the South! Through our website, social media, and live events, we celebrate life with horses, share horse stories, and promote horse-related...  more
    led by Becca Salamone

  • 2,336

    Alabama Trail Rides

    This group is for everyone who lives in Alabama that loves to trail ride to stay updated on all rides going on in the State.
    led by Lori Walker