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smoking a matter here

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    March 23, 2023 2:09 AM CDT

    Hang a piece the wood card be stood drill ground, inform of the meaning is very obvious:Who want to breach discipline like me.I am his model. "Chiu's director, you this is the viewpoint of very mistake!The star is also to trample character ground way of doing, hang every Monday the brand exhibits to the public on the drill ground, drive the classmates derision, and still have breeze to blow insolation rain to sprinkle, absolutely is trample upon!And majority of time of Chiu's director be all using official power to settle a score, grasps the student whom he gets a revolting feeling to carry on punishment, even if the star contains existent value every Monday,have already lost the value of the fair candor Babe Ruth Jersey." Chiu is big strange to point at his/her own nose to keep staring eyes:"What, do you say that I use official power to settle a score?" Liao learns a soldier cold way:"That's right, I hope that you first elaborate to everyone for a while the star ground selects rule every Monday, whether you acted according to this rule to once do?" "The rule is easy, each week moral conduct divides a lowest student to select, this also for encourage, urging on the measure that he goes forward to just adopt." The 2 people vehemence argues, the board of directors didn't also stop, everyone stuck out ear, with approve astral every Monday of for lord, because the present student really allows of no optimism. "Does the moral conduct divide a lowest student to select?Last week why ground is Zhang Jia Wei's score so high?Just because does his Chuo explode your tire, I see this matter son falsely naught and have no really with the factual proof.Still the classmate in week is always very good before having, however scolded your[one] dog Niang to keep just, in fact on that week the moral conduct is lowest is us class the ground pass act cloud, why didn't he be the last every Monday star?This is the fact, have enmity with you of would up, other no matter have much crafty much bad you can't realize." Two years three classes of ground form masters confirmed old Liao's speak:"To, last week we Zhang Jia Wei of the class had 200 much cent, absolutely impossible go to drill ground station of."Because is many without basis a quota of the every Monday star, the cash award is little some, he how can not make public, also reverse court sentence for oneself. The hat " use official power to settle a score" plants Chiu top in the big strange head have no to strip off again, the star loses every Monday but the equity is also undisputable fact, just mean that the teachers that approve all no longer talked.Liao learns a soldier to multiply by to win to make track for shot:"Urge on a student to go forward, the viewpoint is very good, but any persons who have conscience can't hope you the tool that it becomes private to give vent to anger, in fact, you the behavior like this is also trampling Ji's school rules in the school.I will formally suggest to smoking a matter here, should make changes in another way that speed up a student, not humiliate their character Austin Riley Jersey." Chiu is big strange to isn't a person who has quick wit, hurriedly medium surprisingly what reply of phrase language, fierce clap a to record table of way:"Make unfounded attack upon person!I this can call private give vent to anger?They breach discipline and then should accept punishment, but attack be the Xun leads a director of I, put clear authority in the challenge school, directly win an election every Monday star, at 1:00 all not excessively!" Liao learns a soldier heart way:" You will strike table to frighten a person, Lao Tze can't?"But what he sit is an outer circle, there is no table to be clapped and went straight up several steps, will grade three and higher wait mathematic teacher Yang to push away, act very rude, equally strike a table way:"Which sub- authority do you calculate?"Old Liao strikes the prestige of table can bigger strange big than Chiu decuple, "nation" of a , teacher Yang frightens turn pale, grow the document, water cup and mineral spring bottle of round table to toghter jump about, vehemence Lin however, seeming him is to here dominate.A few experienced and steady teachers then think:"Teacher Liao is too radical, young man indeed as expected still not enough steady heavy."