Horse Tales: My Little Pony

  • I dont' remember at what age I was first put on my pony but I do remember riding all the time.  I was a blessed child.  I had many ponies.  I even had a pony named after me "Lori" pony.  I had no fear and would ride with our without saddle when ever my Paw Paw would have time to get me geared up.  

    I know I was around 3 when I started riding.  I know this because of photos shared over the ages.  "Lori" pony was special, but my first pony made me the rider I am today.  A confident, horse lover who had her heart stole from an equine at a toddler age.

    Her name was "Katie" pony. She was named after my grandmother and rightfully so.  My MeeMaw loved animals.  She gave me my animal heart that I have filled with so many animals over the years.  Each time I love a new animal, I see my MeeMaw's eyes looking at me through them.  "Katie" pony was special.

    Katie was a white "mare" shetland pony.  Yes, you heard me right a mare and a shetland which most would consider a mix for disaster but not with Katie.  She allowed me to ride all day and never gave me anything to worry about or fear.  She would put up with my unbalanced seat, flapping reins and awkard dismounts.  

    She stood still when I got on and never moved when I got off.  She walked when I wanted to relax and ran her heart out when I wanted to go.  She was a babysitter, mom and friend. 

    I will never forget "Katie" pony.  She was my first equine love.


    By:  Lori Cummings