Business Venture

  • So I have been dreaming of owning my own Boarding Facility since I was about 12 and have not had much luck due to not getting the income up to purchase the land necessary to do so. One of my freinds brought up the option to lease the land/facility to run with maybe a lease to own contract. After doing some thinking and reserch I think that is the route I might end up taking but I cannot find any property to lease. I know that I could be successful at this venture I just need some help getting started. I would be more than willing to share the research I have done with anyone willing to help me take these first steps...Thank you in advance to anyone that will help.

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    CHERYL BELL I would love to speak with you..I own(out right) 30 acres and have 4 horses..I am more than willing to either lease or partner , but not looking to sell any time soon ..I'm abt 20 mls so of Mont..lets talk
    January 15, 2017